If you would like to Learn Spanish in Mexico the true way you could definitelly get in touch with us , in the relaxation of chacmool´s school together with our native Spanish professors any person can learn Spanish in a affectionate and relaxed location, At Mexico and Costa Rica every learner could enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico and costa rica and at the same time take a tour by Mexico your Spanish learning experience. So for all who desire to benefit from an Spanish immersion program in Mexico, or Cancun mexico and are especially demanding at which school you attend with a home and cozy environment; a school in which lessons are entertaining and open, with classes applied in little school groups, our Spanish school can be the primaryoption to consider.

You can enjoy Cancun while you learn Spanish with us.

Cancun from the mayan kaan kun, means “nest of snakes”. Located on the northeast coast of Quintana Roo in southeastern Mexico more than 1,700 km from Mexico City. In a few years, he had a remarkable transformation since being a fishermen island surrounded by virgin forest and unknown shores, today is along with Acapulco’s most renowned in the world Mexican resort.

To become skilled at Spanish and enjoy Tulum and Cancun at the same time. Our main objective is fo everyone to learn Spanish in a very easy way, We call this experience a Spanish Learning holiday because you learn the language at the same time that our students visit the city and the wonderful beaches your learning is combined of having fun and relaxing at beautiful seashores with white sand. Mexico has the reputation of being one of the spots in which Spanish is spoken in its neutral way, which convertsit into the idealspotfor students to learn Spanish the comfortableway.

Chacmool has several Spanish schools in numerous Mexican towns which specialize in teaching and perfecting this language. , using a team made of professional teachers who don’t just aim available for you to learn Spanish but at the same time would like you to enjoy an immersed stay, with a look into the more authentic and original aspects of life in Tulum or Costa rica. We combine classes in smaller groups with educational workshops, as well as cultural and fun activities. All this takes place in a warm and friendly, interactive, and dynamic environment. While language learning takes a great deal of practice, hard work and dedication, the learning process actually develops a number of mental and social skills. that come natural in an immersion program, these skills are transferable to other aspects of life and it has been said that once you become bilingual and have learnt one language, the next language you learn is easier to master. Learning a foreign language can be a frightening thought for many. According to them, it will now just take up plenty of their time. They often disregard the wonderful opportunities that knowledge of a second language brings.

Spanish School in Mexico
Spanish School in Mexico


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